Essentially the same as standard flag football with these exceptions:


1)       The field is 75 yards long.


2)       Each first down is 15 yards.


3)       There are no PATs or field goals.


4)       There are 6 players per team on the field at once. On offense there is one QB (man taking “snap” off turf) and 5 eligible receivers. At least one of those receivers must be in the backfield as a running back.


5)       There is no pass rush as we play once a year and line play can get really clumsy with such inexperience. There is a play clock. The QB has six seconds in which to get rid of the ball upon taking the snap. If six seconds passes there is a loss of downs.


6)   QB can run with/catch ball and/or be tackled only after the ball is in another’s possession or is lost at hand-off or throw. QB is allowed to block.


7)       Bump and run 5 yards.


8)       Offense must acknowledge punting on fourth down.


9)       Kick-offs from 30-yard line.


10)       There are no onside kicks and no rushing of punter/kicker. A KO is essentially a punt in terms of  |  
  possession rules.


11)    Game is played to a specific time (3:00 PM). Drive must end then. If the game  is tied at 3:00, a NCAA-style overtime will take place, each team getting equal chances from the 30-yard marker.


12)    Contact is bound to occur. Unnecessary roughness (violent hits and pass break-ups, etc) and/or
 unsportsmanlike conduct puts ball 1 yard past first down line. If in Red Zone, ball is placed 1 yard before goalline and the down is repeated.


13)    Runner cannot slap hands of tackler or block flag with his hands. If he does so, the forward motion of the play stops where the slapping occurred.


14)    Offensive pass interference equals loss of downs and 5 yards at line of scrimmage.


15)    Ball to be used is QB’s choice. Must be official size, though.


16) NO bitching, whining, finger-pointing, complaining, and negativity. This is only a game. When we play only once a year we do not need that crap. 


17)    No alcohol at the game. Save it for the post-game party. Game time drinking may make you accident-prone. Also, we’re playing on school grounds and who knows who will be watching. Image is everything.


18) If a runner's flag falls off, he needs to be touched by only one hand to be considered tackled.


19) The flag must be attached by its own clip...NOT tied together.


20) If a receiver or runner has a knee hit the ground, he can get up and run. But, at that point in time in which his knee is on the ground, he needs only to be touched to be considered tackled.


23)  Bob Confer has final say. He will determine broken rules, questionable plays, team balance, and fair play.


24) HAVE FUN!!!!!!