I was raised on my family's spacious spread in rural Gasport, NY, and still live there to this day. In such an environment the outdoors naturally became one of my passions. I love fishing, hunting, camping, observing wildlife...just being outdoors! I have combined those loves with my love of writing as you can read from the various freelance articles linked-to below.

These articles all appeared in New York Outdoors News, a great bi-weekly magazine that offers a wide array of how-to/where-to articles and timely news about the outdoor scene in the Empire State. For more info about New York Outdoor News and to become a subscriber, visit www.nyoutdoornews.com

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From the New York Outdoor News...
Eighteen Mile Creek: Niagara County's Other World-Class Water

06 Oct 2006

Eighteen Mile Creek in Newfane offers some of the best trout and salmon fishing in the US
From the New York Outdoor News...
Fishing the Slop: Bucketmouths in the Salad

16 June 2006

How to catch bass in the thick slop that covers many a pond or lake in the summer months 
From the New York Outdoor News...
Kid's Stuff: Getting 'em Started in the Outdoors

02 June 2006

Tips on getting kids interested in hunting and fishing
From the New York Outdoor News...
Great Niagara River Fishing, For Shore!

07 Apr 2006

The Lower Niagara River undoubtedly offers the best shore fishing on the planet
From the New York Outdoor News...
Connecting on Farmland Birds: Wide-Open Excitement

07 Apr 2006

Wild turkeys that frequent farmland are totally different than those that live in forests. This article discusses those differences as well as the tactics necessary to bag a bird
From New York Outdoor News...
Allegany County's Terrific Trout Fishing: the "Genny" and More

10 Mar 2006

An analysis of the great stream/river fishing for trout found in Allegany County of Western New York
From New York Outdoor News...
Part Of NY History, The Erie Canal Offers Fine Fishing, Too

12 Aug 2005

This article looks at the history of the Erie Canal and the how & where of fishing this historic waterway
From New York Outdoor News...
Trophy Bass in Your Own Backyard

29 July 2005

Tips on tracking down trophy-sized bass in farm ponds
From New York Outdoor News...
Go Bassin' For Hawg Trout

17 June 2005

This article addresses how using a bass-fishing mentality can help you land some "hawg" stream trout