For the first 17 years of his life it was a ritual that Bob Confer hosted some sort of activity for his December 19th birthday. In some years a party was thrown at his house, in other years he and his pals rented out a video arcade, and in other years they went on a huge hike through rural Gasport. In his senior year of high school Bob came to the conclusion they were getting too old for that sort of kids stuff. So, instead he suggested having a football game in celebration of his 18th birthday.

The game was played in the muddy hay field next to his house, out in rural Gasport. Unlike future Mudbowls, it is quite difficult to piece together an analysis of this game because this game was not filmed as were future Mudbowls. So, with no game film there are no statistics and no way to really tell the story of the game. Pulling from recollection though it was an exciting game. See game notes below.

At this stage of the game, this event was yet to be named "Mudbowl". But, nonetheless, it set the stage for pigskin lore. In the years following, the birthday party concept became an afterthought. In the first few years of Mudbowl, the game became an annual means by which the friends could connect while in college. In the later years, Mudbowl caught on like wildfire and it became a hyped-up game that everybody and their brother looked forward to every winter. The rest is history.


Game Notes

In the first play of the game, Dan MacNeal somehow discovered a cavernous hole in the field which swallowed his leg...Adam Taylor somehow sustained a bloody thumb that lasted the entire game...Aaron Taylor threw a fit of rage after the game and chased his mercurial cousin Adam around the yard with a baseball bat...Chris Kelley was a running machine, ripping off huge run after huge run...Dan MacNeal and Andy Drum played a game of pitch-and-catch, as Andy proved to be the perfect possession receiver for Dan's ball control office...Bob Confer snagged two passes in excess of sixty yards, one a blind one-handed grab...Jay Miller was a great special teams player, kicking amassing a huge amount of kick return yardage


Mudbowl I Participants
Bob Confer
Andy Drum
Jason Ingersoll
Chris Kelley
Dan MacNeal
Jay Miller
Aaron Taylor
Adam Taylor