This is the only year that Mudbowl was ever played on a "real" football field. Earlier in the year, Roy-Hart's football field was moved here temporarily while the high school's turf was being remediated by FMC for arsenic and other goodies they spilled into the land.

This looked like a "real" football game, a study in two starkly-different offensive mindsets...power versus finesse.

Team A ran the ball with record-setting vigor, racking up a sickening 392 yards on the ground. Never before in Mudbowl history had two teammates each rushed for 100 yards in a game. Team A rewrote the record books with three runners each surpassing the century mark!

Team B operated from a less-conservative attack. QB Karl Cooper had a hot hand and took advantage of it, spreading the wealth like a true West Coast attack...short passes, medium passes, long passes, all with accuracy.

In the end, even though Team A a running juggernaut, Team B won convincingly, 15 TD to 7 TD. Karl was basically unstoppable that day, he could do no wrong. It didn't help that Team A drove nails into their own coffin. They turned the ball over four times (not counting turnovers on downs) and lost a few fumbles which they recovered in their backfield. On top of that, they had three KEY (and very catchable) dropped passes that put them into unattainable fourth-and-longs.

The weather was  perfect for football. A high of 30 degrees, no wind, very light snow showers, and a light dusting of snow on a half frozen turf.



Game Notes: Team A

Alfredo Nazario had a huge game, gaining 100 yards rushing from the third time in four game...he had a very-tough 160 yards rushing...among his highlights was a running play where he gained 5 yards without moving his feet: his tacklers pushed him forward on the ice...he surpassed 200 yards from scrimmage by pulling in 69 yards of passes on 5 grabs, the longest a 30-yard catch and run....he had 5 tackles, too

Tim Cooper had 114 yards rushing on the day and his straight-ahead style allowed him to score 3 TD's on the day, only the second back to do so...he used his power on defense, too, getting 10 tackles and a pass-defended

Chris Kelley looked like the Chris of old, surpassing 100 yards rushing for the first time since 1995...he had 111 yards on the day thanks to his frantic bursts of acceleration...he did not play on defense

Dan MacNeal did not have a good day passing (216 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 41.4% completion) but provided a lot of key blocking for his team's running game...he had a huge game at safety, amassing 16 open field tackles, 15 of them unassisted

Addam Class had a fine day receiving, needing only four catches to get past the 100-yard barrier...his longest went for 42 yards...he was solid on "D", too, getting 9 tackles, batting a pass and intercepting another

Tim Pynn was his stellar-self on special teams, kicking for over 100 yards (with such a bad team he had few chances) and running back 117 yards worth of kick returns, the second highest total ever

Sean Roil had a 10 yard grab and a tackle



Game Notes: Team B

Karl Cooper had a game for the ages. He had incredible touch on all of his passes. His 212.08 rating was -and is - the highest ever for a QB who has played an entire Mudbowl. He completed a staggering 72.5% of his passes for 415 yards and a record 14 touchdowns. Only one of his 40 attempts was intercepted....he was very helpful on defense, too. Even though he had just 3 tackles, he forced a fumble and batted away 3 passes

Anthony Garver used his speed and quickness to have a great overall game, chipping in on a little bit of everything....he  racked up 85 yards and 3 scores on 4 grabs, the longest a 50 yarder which saw him outrun an entire team...he ran the ball four times for 50 yards...threw 101 yards worth of passes...he ran a kickoff 45 yards...and he tied Josh Kirby's Mudbowl record with 19 tackles while forcing and recovering a fumble and knocking down 3 passes

Corey Perry led all Mudbowlers in catches for the fourth time in five games...he grabbed 9 passes for 101 yards and a game-best 4 slouch on defense, either, he took down 12 of Team A's runners and batted a pass...he surpassed the 50 tackle mark for his career after only five games

Bob Confer played through the loss of his grandfather, who passed away hours earlier...he had another huge game, reeling in 3 bombs and amassing 137 yards receiving (#1 on the day) for a 22.8 yard average and 3 touchdowns...he had the longest kick return in history, an elusive 65-yarder that ended 2 yards short of the goalline when his own teammate threw a tackler into him...on defense he had just one tackle, but intercepted a pass

Kevin Sheldon drove in from Cleveland to play in the game...and, like usual, he did not disappoint...he had 3 catches for 72 yards and a 33-yard score. His 24 yard average was twice his career rate. His two non-TD catches were huge, taking short fourth down passes and running them well into the red zone...he was where he needed to be on defense, too, recovering two fumbles

Jay Miller grabbed one pass (a 12 yard TD) and had 7 tackles

Mannie Coye was without cleats and that saw him held to only 31 yards on 9 carries...he helped on defense with six tackles and a forced fumble

Tater Genet led Team B in rushing with 59 yards and a TD