Just after Mudbowl VI, Al Nazario shows off the split brow which ended the game and sent him to the hospital in Batavia for stitches.


This photo, a great one from Jay Miller, reeks of drama. Here, Chris Kelley busts loose from the third and final tackler en route to a 40 yard touchdown run. This was the game's decisive play and perhaps the biggest play in Mudbowl history. 

Corey Perry makes a leaping grab in Mudbowl XI. The ensuing run-after-the -catch becomes the 20th TD of his Mudbowl career

In this very tense moment of Mudbowl XI, Chris Say goes high to bat away a 30 yard pass on fourth and long, ensuring his team's eventual comeback victory

From Mudbowl XI: Aaron Hurst (far left), takes a hit but scores a touchdown


Allan Pyc takes the snap in Mudbowl IV

Bob Confer (in red) goes low to make a fourth-down catch in Mudbowl VIIII

Dan MacNeal, wearing blue and in center of photo, busts loose for a 27 yard touchdown run in MB XII


Kevin Sheldon grabs a pass in Mudbowl XI




Steve McQueen attempts to bring in a windswept pass in MB XI

Tim Pynn shows off his great legs in this punt from MB X

Al Nazario runs into an an army of tacklers in MB XII

Andy Drum's MB XII game face

From Mudbowl XI: Anthony Garver grabs this pass as three tacklers look to kill him

Bob Confer grabs his second interception of the game in Mudbowl IV

Dan MacNeal catches a swing pass in Mudbowl VI

Eric Waterbury kneels over a pool of blood that came from his mouth after a violent collision in MB X

Kevin Fairben drops back to pass in Mudbowl XI

DJ Johson starts a stiff arm while running into the end zone in MB XV

Corey Perry grabs a TD in Mudbowl XV

In Mudbowl XV, Duane Whitmyer reaches high for this score

Andy Drum grabs a pass in MB XV while Tim Pynn closes in for the kill

Tim Herriven settles under a bomb while the defender helplessly tries to bat it away (MB XV)

Dan MacNeal (in black) bats a pass that he then intercepts in this photo from Mudbowl XV

Steve McQueen makes a very pretty running grab in Mudbowl XV

Dan MacNeal lets one rip (Mudbowl XV)

Steve McQueen takes off after intercepting as pass as Corey Perry dives in vain for his flag (Mudbowl XVI). Photo courtesy Derek Schalk.
Tim Herriven (in purple) makes a great interception in a crowd (MB XVI). Photo courtesy Derek Schalk.
Mitch Wright takes off. Notice the defender in orange eating snow (MB XVI). Photo courtesy Derek Schalk.
Scott Schultz (#21) on a running play with Cliff Hoover (#22) in pursuit (Mudbowl XVI). Photo courtesy Derek Schalk.
Anthony Garver (red pants) flies in. Looks more like tackle than flag! (MB XVI). Photo courtesy Derek Schalk.
This looks more like tackle than flag, too, as Scott Schultz gets hogtied by Mike Smith (MB XVI). Photo courtesy Derek Schalk.
Scott Leffler drops back to pass on a trick play (MBXVI). Photo courtesy Derek Schalk.