As thoroughly disappointing as Mudbowl III was, MB IV was the complete opposite. It still ranks as the most exciting game in the history of Mudbowl and is the very game that injected life and hype into the tradition. Mudbowl was never the same after this one.

The reason this game succeeded may have been the great weather and field conditions. The field was muddy yet solid, allowing for perfect traction. There was no wind. And, the temperature was above 40 degrees. Under those conditions everyone prospered.

The game was full of big plays, crazy plays, acts of strength and good times. Everyone had an exciting play.


Game Notes: Team A

Allan Pyc had by far his best Mudbowl performance, tossing 6 TD's and 400 yards of passes...he showed poise and control on short passes and long passes and was not afraid to heave the ball downfield...he threw a few sizzlers which were really smoking....he had a big game defensively, bringing down 11 runners

Corey Perry was Allan's outlet on short passes and late-downs, keeping numerous drives alive...he had a few sparkling catch-and-runs (including a 26 yarder) and scored twice...he was Team A's best defender, posting 14 tackles primarily against Andy and Chris, Team B's go-to guys

Bob Confer had a huge game, amassing 209 yards receiving with four TD' TD was a 35 yard bomb that left his defender on the ground throwing a memorable temper tantrum...on defense he intercepted two bombs...he almost broke free on a kick return, too, until the defender stuck his leg out to trip him

Matt Constantino provided Team A's primary running attack, gaining 65 yards on the ground...he chipped in with 7 tackles, all against his Team B doppelganger, Chris

Tater Genet provided some entertaining plays, using his size to his advantage...he had two rushing TD's each from 2 yards out, plowing through the bunched up defense...he also caught four passes, one in which the collision between he and Dan left Dan's shoulder nearly dangling

Kevin Sheldon added some key fourth down grabs and a half-dozen tackles


Game Notes: Team B

Chris Kelley was an absolute monster, gaining 231 yards from scrimmage, including 192 on the ground, a record that last until six years later...his runs were often extraordinary, using a sudden explosive burst and powerful legs to break tackles at the point of contact...or he would use his track speed to run past defenders...his longest run went a stunning 40 yards

Dan MacNeal had an efficient day passing, spreading the ball around almost equally to all of his receivers...his four receivers had at least four grabs each, none more than six. That's balance!...he had a well-rounded game defensively, with a dozen tackles, a key batted bomb, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery

Andy Drum had a great game on defense...don't let Bob's stats fool you. They could have been a lot scarier had someone other than Andy defended him...their match up in this game is by far the best one-on-one match-up Mudbowl has ever seen and was awesome to watch. As many times as Bob burned Andy, Andy gave it right back to him, stepping in front of him to intercept one pass and batting away a record four passes, three of them mind-blowing full-extension dives...he was solid offensively as well, pacing Team B with 6 catches and scoring on an end-around

Josh Kirby was a force on both sides of the ball...his defensive was unparalleled, totaling 19 tackles in all...the hit of the day and maybe one of the top two tackles in MB history was a special teams tackle where he absolutely flattened a stunned Kevin Sheldon with an airborne tackle...Josh reeled in two bombs and nearly cracked the century mark in receiving yardage

Jay Miller provided a great deal of excitement on the day...he ran for over forty yards and scooped up 78 yards of passes...he also kicked the pants off the ball and had a 50 yard kick return where he was pushed out of bounds just mere yards from a touchdown...his signature play defies logic: a defender grabbed him and attempted to pull him to the ground. With the defender on the ground using his weight to pull Jay down, Jay went to a full squat, his ass 3" off the ground. From that he went completely upright and broke free