Mudbowl III was nearly the last Mudbowl.

The field conditions were horrible. The only available field on the farm was loaded with puddles of standing water. People got soaked and quickly froze with a stiff wind and air temperatures just above freezing. Most games last 3 to 3.5 hours, this one barely made it past the hour mark.

Exactly the kind of game that could have turned people off to future Mudbowls. But, it didn't and Mudbowl survived.

The concept of a pass rush was toyed with in this Mudbowl and was never used again. With only six guys on the field a rumbling QB has an instant mismatch because there are no defenders at mid-field. It was a poor experiment.

All in all, the least memorable of all Mudbowls. 


Game Notes

Bob Confer had one catch a 45 yard diving grab in a puddle of water

Andy Drum led all with four catches, 50 yards, and 2 TD's

Chris Kelley gained 71 rushing yards on the day

Dan MacNeal led all passers with 102 passing yards and gained another 68 yards rushing because of the pass rush experiment

Tater Genet and Josh Kirby didn't get much of a spotlight in their first Mudbowl, having to play lineman all day

Jay Miller and Allan Pyc found it impossible to pass in the weather and water conditions

Eric Waterbury had a well-balanced day afield