The tradition created in the first annual football game carried over into the following December. The annual get-together took on a different meaning this year as those playing used this one game as a way to catch up on each other's lives since most had gone away to their freshmen year of college. Thusly, the whole concept of this being a birthday party was officially dead.

This game was played in a worked-up soybean field in Gasport. The snow had melted four days earlier (game temps were in the mid-forties) and the melt water when mixed with the clay-based field made for a muddy mess. The non-mushy clay mud stuck to clothes, body, and football. Therefore, this was the first time the word "Mudbowl" was ever used and it's a mystery to this day who coined it.

Other firsts occurred with this game. It became hi-tech, too. The video camera was brought to film the whole game. Afterwards the players watched it while partying and replenishing their energy with pizza.

With the advent of technology statistics were soon tabulated as well. Stats became a virtual "drug", getting people addicted to making big numbers and securing their place in history, not to mention bringing them bragging rights.   

Mudbowl II was a fun aggression, amusing plays, and good times. All of this with only a handful of guys playing because the Big Game had yet to reach the heights of hype.


Game Notes

Jay Miller and his rubber arm provided reams of excitement on the day. Lofting mud-caked touch passes all over the field he became the first Mudbowler to surpass 400 yards passing, setting a yardage record that was not broken until seven years later...he had a great day kicking, too, averaging almost 36 yards per kick

Bob Confer had a huge game, bringing in 250 yards of receptions...this break-out game was perfect for the new-fangled video era as he made a bunch of extraordinary diving, leaping, and sliding catches that were highlight reel material

Andy Drum broke the 200 yard mark as well, capped off by a huge 10 yard grab that he turned into a 73-yarder while showboating the last fifteen yards...Andy was Johnny-on-the-spot that day, making two very key fumble recoveries

Chris Kelley was a yardage machine...he managed enough traction in the slick mud that he gained 136 yards on the ground, another 105 receiving, and 138 on kick returns...he is the only 100-100-100 man in the history of the game...he had an extraordinary 7 TD's on the day

Dan MacNeal led in tackling on the day, the best one being where he threw Adam like a rag doll...despite having difficulties throwing the muddy ball, he still passed for almost 300 yards...he even caught 4 TD passes

Kevin Sheldon offered some unexpected clutch grabs and wound up tying Dan for the game lead in tackles

Adam Taylor didn't provide much statistically but did provide a lot of humor as he was tackled hard, blocked hard, and just plain beat up on the day. He was not in any pain which makes it that much funnier